Send 50 invoices in 30 sec with 1 click, and start saving time and money


Send from 1 to 100s of invoices that look exactly the way you want, without rekeying a thing, in minutes, and accurate every time.

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Stay on top of what is paid and what is outstanding as you record payments against your invoices.

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Be prepared to cancel out invoices and issue credit notes if and when the need arises.

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Automate dunning to reduce the time and effort to collect overdue debt while keeping everybody in the loop

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Get a complete view of your receivables with our out-of-the-box Accounts Receivable dashboard, or build your own.

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Have the invoices automatically flow in real time into your Accounting and ERP systems, or sent to e-invoice delivery hubs.

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The platform is easy to setup. But you don't need to do it all alone, we are here to help you out .

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There are questions that we hear a lot so we gather them along with their answers in one place. But if you have others, please don't hesitate contacting us.

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What our users say ?

Learn first hand from users in our Appechange listing reviews on how the Invoices for Salesforce platform has transformed the way they do their billing, and how it adds value to their operation.

How are we different ?

The ability to process 50 invoices in 30 seconds with 1 click is certainly one key differentiator from other solutions, but this is just one outcome. What sets us appart is that we let you bill the way you want, no matter what you sell and how you sell it. The way we do it is we enable you to design and run your own custom-made billing flows, and we put you in complete control over the composition and content of your invoices. This is in contrast to other solutions that force you into a prescribed invoicing process of which you have little or no control at all. This is why Invoices for Salesforce® is more than yet another biling app, it is a whole billing platform built on a new approach to invoicing that we invented to make this possible.

A few samples are worth a thousand words

The platform's invoice template editor was designed to offer you unlimited possibilities to compose the layout and content of your invoice documents, and yet be simple to use. Here are a few invoice samples to showcase what it can do.